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MODE116 Pizzicato Staccato Legato

Music Genres: Strings, Strings Orchestral, Classical Contemporary

Production Genres: Leisure, Lifestyle, Documentary, Drama, Period, Adverts

Keywords: Light Hearted, Cheerful, Bright, Fun, Quintessential, Whimsical, Comedy, Quirky

Track Listing - 30 tracks found

Title Play Album Track Duration
Curiosity Cat
Pizzicato Staccato Legato211.18
Defective Detective
Pizzicato Staccato Legato221.58
As Busy As Bees
Pizzicato Staccato Legato231.40
Winter Delight
Pizzicato Staccato Legato241.44
Let's Get Ready
Pizzicato Staccato Legato251.59
Up In The Clouds
Pizzicato Staccato Legato261.55
Building Blocks
Pizzicato Staccato Legato271.46
Winter Festivities
Pizzicato Staccato Legato281.43
Time Flows
Pizzicato Staccato Legato291.42
The Good Life
Pizzicato Staccato Legato301.50

News & Events

UK & Ireland Distribution

We are very proud to announce Mode Music are now distributed in the UK & Ireland by BMG Production Music

21st October 2016


The track Eastern Breeze from MODE107 Modern Asia has been used in the movie Dallas Buyers Club, which has six Oscar 2014 nominations !

29th August 2016


The track "Time Will Tell" by Jeff Woodall from Minimals MODE110 has been used for an advert for the Microsoft Azure Cloud Service.

10th June 2016