Blackout   MODE129 Backgrounds Vol 1

Dark Atmospheric Drones

Album cover - Backgrounds Vol 1

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Cat numberMODE129
ComposerArlene Eloana (PRS)


Ambient, Drones, Soundscapes, Minimal, Atmospheric, Cinematic, Film score, Slow, Ominous, Edgy, Haunting, Tense, Suspense, Drama, Suspense, Science Fiction, Action, Crime, Fantasy, Documentary, Horror, Ominous, Evil, Satanic, Apocalypse, Death, Destruction, Horror, Danger, Suspense, Scary, Space, Alien, Hostile, Anxious

Track Listing - 14 tracks found

Title Play Album Track Duration
City Of Ghosts
Backgrounds Vol 1012.43
End Game
Backgrounds Vol 1022.23
Backgrounds Vol 1032.35
Soul Survivor
Backgrounds Vol 1042.12
Backgrounds Vol 1052.13
Broken Prophecy
Backgrounds Vol 1062.05
Ominous Presence
Backgrounds Vol 1072.38
Event Horizon
Backgrounds Vol 1082.02
Chain Reaction
Backgrounds Vol 1092.03
Without Soul
Backgrounds Vol 1102.31
Apocalyptic Vision
Backgrounds Vol 1112.37
Uneasy Mist
Backgrounds Vol 1122.31
Artificial Intelligence
Backgrounds Vol 1132.31
Backgrounds Vol 1142.33

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UK & Ireland Distribution

We are very proud to announce Mode Music are now distributed in the UK & Ireland by BMG Production Music

21st October 2016


The track Eastern Breeze from MODE107 Modern Asia has been used in the movie Dallas Buyers Club, which has six Oscar 2014 nominations !

29th August 2016


The track "Time Will Tell" by Jeff Woodall from Minimals MODE110 has been used for an advert for the Microsoft Azure Cloud Service.

10th June 2016